Last updated: January 20, 2016

Our customers' privacy is paramount...
Although Business360 is committed to providing its customers with a personalized service, we also understand the importance of safeguarding the privacy of our customers and other users of the site.

This Privacy Policy Statement explains the use to which we put information you give us. If you have any questions regarding the way in which we use the information you give us, please contact our Privacy Officer by e-mail at

Information that we collect...
We collect information about three types of users:

  • Registered Users - those that register solely to receive updated information about Business360
  • Account Subscribers – people who pay for, set up and are responsible for maintaining an account that may be used by themselves and possibly others; and
  • Account Users – those that use an account paid for, set up and maintained by an Account Holder
The only information we collect from Registered Users is their email address, and is used only for dispatch of newsletters and other information they specifically request Account Subscribers supply certain information about themselves and others that have the authority to purchase Business360 services through the account. We collect the real name and telephone number of the Account Subscriber, in case we need to discuss matters concerning the administration of the account. Each Account User is also supplied with a password that enables them to access their part of the account to view details of their use of the service. The Account Subscriber also has a password that enables him/her to view details of all Account Users, and to control the Account Users’ access to the account

How we use account information...
We use this information, in detailed customer-specific form, at the moment only to provide a personalized service for our customers (e.g. for auto-completing parts of search request submissions). We may also use this information in the future for other purposes, such as:
  • conducting market research or customer feedback surveys;
    running promotional offers
  • providing you with information about products and services we offer
If we change the scope of the use to which we put the information beyond its current use, we will revise this privacy policy statement accordingly We also use information in aggregate form (so that no individual user is identified) in various ways to help us better understand and service our customer base, such as to:
  • create customer marketing profiles
  • support strategic development
  • help us manage relationships with advertisers
  • audit site usage
We will not disclose any information you give us to any third parties, except for any suppliers that provide services that involve processing the data on our behalf

Changes to this privacy policy statement...
We will revise this document if our privacy policy changes at any time in the future, and we advise you to check regularly for changes. If you feel at any time unable to accept particular parts of this policy, contact the Privacy Officer at